Project Description

Sawyer – Age 15

Sawyer is a responsible, caring, happy 15-year-old boy. He is a well behaved 7th grader who would like to become a police officer. He is very focused on getting the best grades possible in school. Sawyer loves to give advice to his friends and peers. He has excellent relations with younger and older children. Sawyer enjoys playing soccer; his favorite team is Juventus and Nacional in Colombia. He loves sports and really like the physical education classes at his school. Sawyer also enjoys drawing.

Sawyer says that he would like a family that is close, funny and loves to share. He also mentioned that although he is independent, he would love a family that spends time together in different activities, he doesn’t like families that spend most of the time in their bedroom. Sawyer is open to all types of families; he has a close relationship with his foster father.