Project Description

Shyloh – Age 12

Shyloh is looking for an Adoptive Family only.

Shyloh, age 12, is friendly and engaging! Shyloh enjoys being affectionate and helpful. He also really loves animals and is very gentle with them.

Some of Shyloh’s favorite past-times include playing video games, watching YouTube videos, and cooking. Shyloh appears to flourish in an environment conducive to positive and consistent one-on-one interaction with an adult.

Shyloh’s behavior can be inconsistent and unpredictable at times. He struggles with peer interactions, especially when other children receive the attention he longs for. He has a history of times where he does not feel his best. Shyloh also struggles with maintaining appropriate boundaries and being told “no.” Shyloh is receiving services to cope with some mental health issues and better manage his behaviors and thoughts. He has shown improvement.

Shyloh can be very sweet and would benefit from a loving, very nurturing, and structured home environment. If you feel your family and home might be the right fit for all that could be in store as part of “life with Shyloh,” please let us know!