Project Description

Simon and Diego – Ages 10 & 12

Simon and Diego have found a Host.

Simon is an energetic 10-year-old who always has a smile on his face. He is caring and very loving. He has warm relationships with the people he is closest to. Simon is very social and outgoing. He is quick to make friends!
In his free time, Simon likes to practice and improve his soccer skills because he wants to be a professional soccer player. He is also passionate about music! He likes to listen to Christian music and reggaeton, especially Maluma. Simon’s interest in music inspires him to be a professional singer. Simon is described as an authentic dreamer, whose positive view of the future makes anyone want to dream alongside him.

Diego is a smart and well-behaved 12-year-old. He is extremely committed to his academic progress. His teachers describe Diego as their favorite! Diego is not just an academic; he also likes the outdoors, especially swimming and playing soccer with his (many) friends. Diego is a leader. He is full of charisma and creativity, which shines when he is with his peers.
Diego is also an artist! He is excellent at drawing, and he considers himself extraordinarily creative. Diego wants to put his pencil to use and become an architect when he grows up. His dream is to build a city.

Simon and Diego hope for a forever family who will support their dreams! Are you their forever family?

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