Project Description

Stella and Vaughn – Ages 11 & 15

Stella is a happy, talkative, responsible, and active 11-year-old girl. She likes having a routine and wakes up early to organize her bed and belongings. Stella is open about expressing her emotions and talking about her personal life and loves interacting with those around her. She is intelligent, funny, likes singing, and cares about her appearance. Stella’s favorite food is lentils, and if she could be a superhero, she would choose Wonder Woman because she is strong and helps people. For Stella, her smile makes her unique and stands out from others. She is thankful for her brother Vaughn because he is loving and is always there to help her when she needs it.

Vaughn is a cheerful and talkative 15-year-old teenager. He believes that his unique characteristic is that he has different hobbies from the other teenagers around him. He is very open about sharing his stories and would like to improve his dance skills. In his free time, he enjoys playing some of his favorite sports, such as soccer, cycling, and baseball. Vaughn’s favorite food is a Colombian dish called “Arroz Paisa,” and he is a great team leader. If Vaughn could have a superpower, he would like to read people’s minds so that if they are sad, he can help them. Vaughn is curious, has a great sense of humor, and loves spending time with his friends.

Stella and Vaughn are easy-going, humble, smart, and happy kids that dream of finding a forever family that is affectionate, respectful, and loving.