Project Description

Stella and Vaughn – Ages 11 & 15

Stella and Vaughn will be in Florida.

Stella is a discrete, caring, and loving 11-year-old girl. In her foster home, she is described as calm, spontaneous, and a very social girl who is extremely outgoing. She interacts beautifully with children her age but also interacts very well with adults. She adores the dog in her foster home, who loves her as well; they have a very special connection. It is beautiful to see her care for him!
Stella likes to play board games, write letters, listen to music, read and draw. She is also very active, she likes to dance and sing with her friends. She loves activities where she can express herself artistically through movement.
Despite the challenges Stella has endured throughout her life, she shows to be a resilient girl who can adapt to any environment she is in. She is an upbeat, happy child. Stella enjoys traveling, she has visited Medellín, Santuario, Cocorná, Marinilla and Rionegro. Her dream is to travel all around the world! She also has the aspiration to become a doctor or become a social worker so that she can help kids with the same issues she has faced.
Stella wants a family that can support her in her dreams so that she can fulfill her life’s potential. She talks about how a forever family would make her and her brother Vicente very happy.

Vicente is a 15-year-old boy who is the leader of his peer group. Everyone looks up to him because of his extroversion and high values; he greatly influences other kids. He is very friendly and likes to be surrounded by people with whom he shares common values and interests!
Vicente is the captain and star of his soccer team. At school, he also excels in math class, Spanish class, and activities that involve logical thinking. When he graduates, he wants to become a veterinarian or a lawyer. People who know him believe with no doubt that he will achieve anything he wishes for in life, as he is an amazing child.
Vicente is an optimist; he sees the bright side in every situation and is always grateful for just being alive. His biggest dream is to share a life with a forever family and with his sister Stella. He says that she is the “apple of his eyes”. In his words, the values a family should have are: “love, harmony, peace, affection and discipline.”

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