Project Description

Stella and Yvette – Age 7 and 14

Stella and Yvette were staying in the South CA community  and have returned to Colombia. they are still hoping for a family.

Stella is a responsible and playful 7-year-old girl. Yvette is a sociable and smart 14-year-old young lady.

Stella’s personality has been honest and sincere since the day she arrived. She is brave, resilient, independent, energetic and intelligent. Stella is affectionate, trusting and playful with others. She is charming, and funny. She enjoys painting, imaginary play, riding her scooter, swimming, building and helping. She also enjoys music, dancing and singing. Her host family says, “She is fun and energetic. She brings joy and laughter to our home.”

Yvette is very polite and respectful. She extremely social and enjoys talking with her friends. She loves music, playing soccer, swimming class, and laying on the beach. Yvette is extremely intelligent, organized, and sociable. Her host family says, “Yvette is motivated, self-driven, and adventurous.”

Stella is excited to meet a new family that will welcome her and Yvette! Yvette is looking forward to meeting a family who will lovingly support her and Stella.

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