Project Description

Tamara – Age 11

Tamara is in a potential adoptive match.

Tamara is a smart young lady that loves to learn! Tamara loves to read books and can read all day. Tamara says she is not like children that “just watch TV all day,” she would rather engage in activities like coloring, playing games, and even helping around in the home.

Tamara likes school and LOVES math. In fact, Tamara wants to be a math teacher when she grows up. Family is very important to Tamara, and she would like to stay in touch with her biological family. We hope to match Tamara with a family that can help make sure that she has regular visits with her siblings.

Tamara is very willing to open her heart to a loving adoptive family. If you think your family is ready to add a child as wonderful as Tamara into your family forever, please let us know!