Project Description

Valentina – Age 17

Jaline, who prefers to be called “Valentina” and whose pronouns are they/them/their, is a polite, friendly, and well-spoken Latinx youth who is 17 years old. Valentina is currently in the 10th grade and loves to write and listen to music. Valentina enjoys spending quiet time in their room listening to music and is currently in the process of writing a screenplay.

Valentina is smart and able to verbally express their thoughts and opinions in a mature and confident manner. Valentina is very passionate about acting and the performing arts and would like to study drama in college and work in the entertainment industry someday.  Valentina is also passionate about activism, especially regarding minority issues and the LGBTQ community. Valentina has strong opinions about many topics but is also open-minded. They are self describes as a “gender fluid pansexual person”.

Valentina loves all types of animals and has a cat named Blake. Valentina enjoys all kinds of foods but especially loves fast food. Valentina acknowledges letting anger get the best of them at times, but is working on better managing their emotions and reactions.

Valentina would like a family that is open-minded and would be supportive of the unique person that they are. If you think you and your family have the right stuff to help give Valentina the building blocks of family, let us know. We want to help Valentina be and become all that they are meant to be – including part of their own forever family!

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