Project Description

Vance and Pheobe – Ages 12 & 14

Vance and Pheobe have found their Forever Family!

Vance is 12 years old and is currently in 7th grade. His favorite subject is Spanish, and he mentions having good grades. Vance likes to play soccer, ride his bicycle, run and dance. He is also a very active boy. Vance wants to become a doctor or soccer player when he grows up. He wants to be a doctor to help people like his doctor helped him throughout the years with his surgeries. Vance dreams of traveling and going to new places like the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina.

Pheobe is 14 years old and is currently in 8th grade. Her favorite subject is math. She likes to play baseball, basketball, run, dance, and write stories. She wants to become a lawyer or actress when she grows up. Just like her brother, Pheobe would like to travel to new places and meet new people.

Are you the right family to host Vance and Pheobe?