Project Description

Vaughn – Age 13

Adoptive Family Found

Vaughn is a charming 13-year-old boy who makes a good impression wherever he goes. He is a positive leader and was chosen as his school’s student representative because of all his good qualities. Vaughn is respectful, sociable, and great at following rules.

Vaughn dreams of being a successful professional when he grows up. He wants to be a math teacher because he finds learning to be thrilling and challenging. He enjoys learning English. In his free time, Vaughn likes to write short speeches in Spanish.

Vaughn also enjoys drawing, painting, and to play sports, especially soccer, and spend time with his friends. His favorite food is arroz con pollo; he is open to trying new things. Vaughn would love to learn how to cook when he is a little older. He also likes watching TV and movies.

Vaughn is thoughtful and has a good sense of humor. He is extremely polite and well-mannered. He looks forward to being able to be in the classroom with his friends again.