Project Description

Victoria and Sarah – Ages 12 & 16

Victoria and Sarah are very sweet and respectful young ladies. They like to be active and to laugh. They are very sociable and love to sing and dance. Victoria and Sarah enjoy spending time with their peers. If they could travel anywhere in the world they would travel to Disneyland and Korea.

Victoria, 12-years-old, loves sports and spending time with her school friends and sister. She likes outdoor activities, and is a positive leader and a respectful girl. Her sister tells us that Victoria is “smart, kind and loving.” She would like to go to college and have a professional career. Victoria has good relations with peers and adults, enjoys school, and likes to read. Victoria is a good swimmer but has never been to the beach. She wants to go to Disneyland, her favorite color is black, and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Victoria prays for a family that will support and care for her and her sister.

Sarah, 16-years-old,  loves school and is always open to learning new things. She is extroverted, autonomous and a very respectful girl. She is very loyal and can make new friends easily. Sarah is a very good writer, and wants to become an engineer. She enjoys playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. She loves to dance and plays the guitar. Sarah was born with cleft lip, cleft palate and congenital arhinia. She is positive, confident, cheerful and transmits positive energy everywhere she goes. Sarah’s favorite food is pasta, and she loves ice cream. She is learning to speak French, Portuguese and English at school, and she wants to attend college Sarah has a good, close relationship with her sister.

The sisters both dream of having a loving family. They are open to all kinds of families, and very much want to be adopted together.