Project Description

Vincent and Oliver – Ages  17 & 10

Vincent is an energetic 17-year-old with a passion for science and engineering. He is currently in his senior year of high school and is dedicated to maintaining good grades. The pursuit of knowledge is what’s most important to him, and he enjoys applying what he learns to the world. After graduating from school, Vincent would like to explore studying mechanical engineering, gastronomy, or psychology. Vincent enjoys playing soccer, cycling, trying new food, learning new things, and reading. Social and adventurous, he dreams of having the opportunity to travel around the world and meet new people. Vincent is often described as an intelligent, authentic, and caring boy.

Oliver is 10 years old and shares his brother’s drive and passion for engineering. Currently, Oliver dreams of becoming a robotic engineer when he grows up. He enjoys doing homework, playing soccer, and being around animals. Insects don’t bother Oliver, and he loves learning about them! Just like his brother, Oliver dreams of traveling the world and meeting new people.

Vincent and Oliver are close and dream of having a forever family together to love and care for them.