Project Description

Vincent – Age 12

Vincent has a Winter Host.

Vincent is a 12-year-old boy who is a great soccer player; he even plays for the city team where he lives! He is responsible for his training and is eager to evolve as a player. All his team members love him, and adults believe he is a great role model for other kids. Vincent can recognize his weaknesses and express which areas he wants to improve. Every day, he strives to be a better child!

Vincent also loves learning English. By many, he is described as happy, supportive, and responsible. He has many friends, is very friendly, and is a fantastic student. He is trustworthy, curious, respectful to teachers, and is completing 4th and 5th grade at the same time. His favorite food is rice with eggs and ketchup. His psychologist describes him as a delighted child that makes friends quickly and is talented in many sports such as running, baseball, riding his bike, and soccer.

“My biggest dream is to be a professional soccer player; I am the goal maker, I train twice a week, and on Saturdays I have games. I also want to have a professional degree in business. In my free time, I read and watch TV.”

Vincent dreams of finding a forever family of any typology; what he values most is that they love him. Are you his forever family?