Project Description

Ariel – Age 17

Ariel is in a prospective match.

A is for athletic, academic, articulate and amazing! These adjectives all describe the beautiful and very multidimensional 17-year-old Ariel. Ariel is of Caribbean descent and is very bright and focused, setting lofty goals for herself to someday attend college, specifically at UC Davis, because it has one of the best Veterinary Sciences programs in the nation.

She has researched what it takes to attend a school like Davis and works hard to stay on the honor roll. Her favorite subject is math because there are so many ways to creatively solve an equation and it always changes. Ariel doesn’t just excel in the classroom; she is also a hard working student athlete who plays high school basketball with pride. Ariel also playfully describes herself as a “triple threat” because she also can sing, dance and act.

Although it seems like she has it all, there is one thing missing in her life, a committed family who can be there for her. She worries that when she goes off to college she won’t have anyone to write to, call or come home to on the holidays. She knows what it means to be adopted and embraces this whole heartily. Just imagine who Ariel can become with the stability and support of a forever family? Do you have room in your heart for a teen like Ariel?

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