Project Description

William – Age 13

William is looking for a Host Family only.

William is very personable and bright. He asks good questions and is engaged in what is happening in his life, and cares about his future. Family is important to him, and he wants to maintain ties with people who are important to him. He has convictions while demonstrating an ability to be flexible in his thinking when needed. William is a pleasure to be with and is a great conversationalist.

William loves Six Flags Magic Mountain, robotics (he wants to do that when he is an adult, it is his favorite subject at school), football, electronics, engineering, and AC (remote control) cars. William wants to be around others who allow him to be himself and run around and play with friends. He likes to be outside doing things vs. being in the house for extended periods of time. William loves cats, dogs, and reptiles. He particularly loves snakes.

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