Project Description

William – Age 14

William is in a Potential Adoptive Match.

William, age 14, is a very personable and bright kid who’s curious about the world around him. He’s always engaged in life and strives to enjoy each day to the fullest. William cares about his future and values relationships. Family and friendships are essential to him, and he’s determined to show affection to the people in his life. In return, he wants to be around others who allow him to be himself and appreciate him for who he is.

William has a lot of conviction for such a young person. He’s dedicated in school and has an interest in technology. Robotics, electronics, and engineering are some of his passions – at the moment, he wants to pursue a career in robotics! William demonstrates an ability to be flexible in his thinking and hobbies. When he’s not studying robotics, he enjoys the outdoors! He’d rather be outside and exploring than at home watching TV.

Some of William’s favorite outdoor activities include going to amusement parks or playing with animals! William is a Six Flags Magic Mountain enthusiast. He’ll go on the fastest rides with no fear!

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