Project Description

Yasir and Skyler – Ages 10 & 14

Adoptive Family Found

Yasir is a very intelligent and well behaved 10-year-old boy. He has good grades, is loving and affectionate, and has a strong character. Yasir loves doing his homework and playing soccer. He dreams of traveling on an airplane to the Barcelona soccer stadium.

He is very active and enjoys playing hide & seek with his friends. Yasir likes to be tickled! Yasir likes big dogs and outdoor activities; his favorite color is green. Yasir dreams of having a forever family that is happy and playful.

Skyler is a very polite 14-year-old boy. He is a good student and follows the rules. Skyler can easily make new friends because he is extroverted, social and charming. He loves soccer, and dreams about traveling the world and meeting many soccer players. He would like to be a professional soccer player. Skyler enjoys swimming and would love to go to the beach.

Skyler likes to try new things. He dreams of having a forever family with a mother, father and his brother – but does not want to have any other siblings. Skyler says he would like a father with a good sense of humor.