Project Description

Yasmin, Jonathan & Joey – Ages 11, 13 & 16

Adoptive Family Found

Yasmin is a sweet 11-year-old girl. Jonathan is a caring 13-year-old boy, and Joey is an optimistic 16-year-old young lady. They would very much like to be adopted together by one family. These siblings have always lived together and do not want to be separated. They were hosted in Summer 2019.

Yasmin expresses her feelings easily and loves making new friends. She enjoys ballet, dancing, arts & crafts, and reading at night. Her Summer 2019 host family says, “Despite being the baby of the family, she is very independent and curious.”

Jonathan is a happy and intuitive kid. He is respectful and loves spending time with others. He enjoys swimming, playing soccer, and being athletic. Jonathan always offers a helping hand with projects and comforts anyone that is hurt or sad.

Joey is friendly and enjoys connecting with peers and caring for infants. She is a very responsible teen who likes to study Spanish and science. She desires to study law or become a doctor. Her host family says, “Joey has a kind heart and shows a desire to find a family.”

Yasmin, Jonathan, and Joey hope to find a loving family in the U.S.

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