Project Description

Yessica – Age 14

Yessica is an independent and extremely responsible 14 year old. Her good grades and excellence in school is very important to her. Her teachers only have positive things to say about Yessica: she is authentic, respectful, and persistent. Among her many skills, she is also great in English class! She is very good at making friends and often leads the conversation with inquisitive questions.

Yessica likes artistic and recreational and sports activities. She practices roller skating, and likes to dance. Yessica is always aiming to be a better person. Yessica is a girl with dreams that drive her to build and envision her future. When she grows up, Yessica would like to attend law school and help achieve the justice she believes every person deserves.

Yessica is looking for a forever family to count on and help her achieve her goals. Are you her forever family?

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