Project Description

Yvette and Stella – Ages 15 & 8

Adoptive Family Found

Yvette is a hardworking, responsible 15-year-old girl. Her behavior and grades in school are very good, she is at the top of her class. Yvette likes to be recognized and praised for her hard work and good behavior. Yvette is very active and loves to play sports and participate in physical activities with her peers at school. Another of her favorite activities is pretending she is in a play with her friends; she has a lot of fun doing this. She also likes to read. Yvette dreams of being a journalist or a musician when she grows up.

Yvette is careful and responsible with her things as she values what she has. She has a very close relationship with her younger sister, Stella. Yvette is happiest when she gets to spend time with her sister; one of her favorite pastimes is going to the park to play with Stella.

Stella is an extroverted 8-year-old girl with good social skills. She is a natural leader. Stella takes the initiative with people, and is able to develop close relationships with her peers and adults. She is learning to work independently in her daily routines, such as wardrobe choices and schoolwork. Stella is active and likes to dance, play and spend time outdoors. She also enjoys painting and drawing.

Stella has a very close relationship with her older sister, Yvette. She is happiest when they get to spend time together. Her sister’s love and support are of utmost importance to her. Stella dreams of having a forever family with a mother, a father and her sister, Yvette.

Stella and Yvette dream of having a forever family with a mother and a father. They want a stable home where they feel loved and supported. It is very important for these sisters to be adopted together.

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