November is National Adoption Month, a standing recognition by the American people that children, currently in foster care and beyond, deserve permanent families.

This November you can make a difference in the lives of kids in the U.S. and around the world through Kidsave. Here are 5 opportunities to get involved before the month ends:

Host a Child

Open your home to a child and spend some time getting to know one another. Kidsave offers hosting for both US kids and for children living in foster care and orphanages overseas. Hosting gives kids an opportunity to build a relationship with a family who will either adopt them or introduce them to others who are interested in adoption. Once you meet the kids it can often become easier to be their advocates — or to fall in love. Learn more about our reduced hosting costs.


Your support will help foster kids and orphans find loving families and permanent homes. Discover our easy online process. 


Organize a Summer Miracles community and bring a group of orphans to the United States to stay with families and find adoptive families. Learn more

We have several other exciting volunteer opportunities at Kidsave.

Watch a movie!

We are excited about the new Paramount Pictures film, Instant Family. Watch the trailer and send to your friends. Perhaps you can take a group to go see it! We hope its warmth will help spark interest in potential adoptive families and help place many U.S. foster kids.

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