Kenema, one of Kidsave’s areas of operation, was especially hard hit by the Ebola virus.

A local chief, Christopher Mangua Sei, has taken in 9 orphaned children. He and his wife met four of his adopted children, Sallay (9), Fatmata (15), and brothers Kinny (8) and Dadhdy (14), at a local Kidsave event. All of these children lost their parents to Ebola and had no one to turn to. When asked where these children would be without his help and the Kidsave program he replied, “They most likely could not have survived. Something very bad would have happened.” As he walks to his home several of his newly adopted children follow him holding his hand and calling him “Dad.”

In order to provide for their newly enlarged family of 11, Christopher and his wife spend each day breaking stones into gravel at a local quarry and then selling the hand smashed gravel to local buyers. He currently struggles to keep all of the nine children in school, but takes great pride in making sure that none of them ever work at the quarry smashing stones.

With a microloan he and his wife plan to hire another worker to help them expand their business and better provide for the children that have become their family.

Kidsave is committed to helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild family connections and provide orphaned African children with the opportunity to grow up in permanent families. We are hopeful this program will be the inspiration for more hosting programs that lead to permanent family care for orphans throughout Africa.

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For more information contact Kristoff Kohlhagen, Manager of Kidsave Sierra Leone, at or call him in DC at (202) 503-3100.