Congratulations on your decision & journey to become a parent to a child in need of a safe and loving home.

Up until the Spring of 2018, CMomA was a 501-C3 offering support to childless single women, men, couples and partners who were interested in adopting children in need of a safe and loving home. Now, CMomA’s programing lives on through Kidsave, committed to creating change so children grow up in families and connected to caring adults.

Kidsave CMomA Grants award financial aid to Kidsave families adopting children in need.

Eligibility is based on 6 factors:

  1. Your compelling story, as a woman, man, or couple choosing to become parents to a child who has participated in the Kidsave Summer Miracles Program.
  2. Compelling reason regarding need for grant:
    1. The Why: (i.e. job loss, child’s medical needs, adopting siblings…etc.)
    2. The Where: (i.e.: Where is grant money most needed: (adoption agency, special needs support, travel costs etc.)
      Please note: Grants do not go directly to the recipient, but, rather, directly to where it is needed, such as agency, medical, travel, etc.
  3. Compelling story of the child or children that you are adopting.
  4. Willingness to share beneficial impact of the Kidsave CMomA Grant via written note, video, or appearance at live Kidsave event.
  5. Commitment to receive and complete our Post Adoption Parenting Support Courses.
  6. Willingness to become a buddy to a waiting or newly united Kidsave family.


We welcome all host and visiting families to apply for the Kidsave CMomA Grant. All applications should be submitted no later than September 3 to




In order to be considered, please submit the following information in a word document to MollyAnne Summers at by September 3, 2018.


  • Date
  • Names of expectant parent(s)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Adoption placement agency and home study agency
  • Partnership Status (single, married, dating, live in partner, etc.)
  • Age(s)
  • Occupation(s)
  • How far along are you in the adoption process? When do you expect adoption to be completed with authorization to bring your child home?


This is a 500-1000 word statement including the following:

  • Who are you & What is your “story”?
  • What is the motivation/inspiration for you to adopt?
  • Why did you choose this specific child?
  • How did you meet your child? Are you a Visiting Family or a Host Parent?
  • What influenced your choice to adopt internationally from Colombia?
  • What exactly are you seeking a CMomA grant for? (please include exact costs of what it is you need assistance with) You may request up to $5000.
  • Have you received financial assistance from any other resources? If so, please share how much, what for, and from whom.
  • Why do you feel you are a worthy recipient for adoption sponsorship support?


In 250 words or less please write out your expectant child’s story. Please include:

  •  Child’s background age, family, special needs, etc.
  • When your child participated in the Summer Miracles Program


In 250 words or less please describe:

  • Childcare and support resources (family/friends)
  • Therapeutic, educational or other resources you have identified to support you and your child post adoption



  • Do you rent or own your home?
  • What is your annual household income?
  • What is your projected annual household income for the next two years?
  • What is your itemized cost of living per month?
  • Are you certain that you are financially solvent enough to support your expectant child?
  • Why do you need financial support for your adoption process?
  • Please attach W2 from last 2 years, including forecast of what income you expect in coming year. (please attach, at the end, in a separate word document)


Requirement: 2 personal & 2 professional reference letters.

References need to include:

  • Nature of Relationship
  • Longevity of Relationship
  • Qualities of the applicant
  • Strengths and/or weaknesses of the Applicant
  • Why do you think they would be a great parent?
  • Why do you think applicant is worthy of an adoption grant?

Please email application and letters of recommendation to:

Please put “CMomA Grant Application” in the subject line.

Thank you submitting your grant application. We wish you much luck & many blessings on this path and look forward to hearing from you.