Luda, 16, is a quiet young lady with a warm smile.
She and her older sister live in an orphanage in Moscow.


Luda wants to become a floral designer because she wants to bring beauty into people’s lives. She was given an opportunity to explore her interest through Kidsave Russia.


While most organizations left Russia after international adoption was banned, Kidsave stayed and continued our work — focusing on ways to help older kids growing up in orphanages find families, and lasting connections with adults — in Russia.


Luda is proof of that work. Her Kidsave curriculum included training and master classes, followed by a summer internship at a local flower shop. The internship strengthened her interest, and Luda decided the floral business was indeed her future. Since then Kidsave has supported her in taking the next level of training for her florist certification. Once she completes this study she will go back to the floral shop to work full time.


In addition to her training and education, Luda has developed a strong relationship with the floral store manager, Valentina, who serves as her mentor and helps guide her career decisions.


Luda was alone in the orphanage except for her sister; she now will have a career path and an adult to support her once she leaves the orphanage.


Without Kidsave Luda would not have been able to study floral design, have a job or a mentor.


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