Mario has found an adoptive family!

Mario’s sweet smile can light up any room in a big way. It was clear that he was having a blast at the Play! Exhibition. After all, the love of toys and the art of playing are universal truths about kids in general, and Mario was no exception. His favorite display was the old school toys. He couldn’t believe kids didn’t have video games back then!

Mario was a bit shy at first and took some time to open up, but after a few minutes, he was able to share some things about himself that make him special and unique. Mario loves to play football and he dreams of playing high school football someday. He follows his dream player’s stats and has set big goals for himself in this area. He is also proud to write his own lyrics and actually rap them. He loves to express himself through his music and is not shy in this area at all. Mario also identifies as a Christian and would love to have a family that can support him in this area. Mario also hopes to have a sibling someday, because he would love to have a playmate.

Mario just needs a family in his corner to cheer him on all the way.

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