beth dresingQuestion: What do you do for an encore if you run a business, CareMetx, full time, coordinate Summer Miracles in the DC/MD/VA community and adopt an older child? Answer: Join the Kidsave Board and lead it too.

Beth Dresing started off as a volunteer for Kidsave a year or two prior to hosting. It was love at first sight when she met Sebastian in the summer of 2010. She and her husband deliberated about his adoption before taking the leap (check out their video). Ever since that summer, Beth has been involved in making strategic decisions for and supporting Kidsave. She and her husband Craig Goodman are also Kidsave Guardians. Time is a precious commodity for Beth, who is also a runner, so getting things done and done well is her thing. Kidsave is so fortunate to have a slice of that time.

We asked Beth why she is involved with Kidsave. Her answer “First, because I have a sweet, sensitive, smart and loving kid as the result of Kidsave. Second, because there are so many other kids like him who need the same opportunity for love. I can’t walk away.”


Kidsave salutes Beth Dresing for not walking away. Thank you, Beth, for your kindness, generosity, and commitment to help older children find families.