Abigail English
In Memorium

We are very saddened to report that Abigail English, one of our Kidsave Weekend Miracles youth, has died.

Abigail came to Weekend Miracles in January 2014. Like many of our foster youth, Abigail had been in foster care for most of her life and had lived in many foster placements. A few months after she started attending Weekend Miracles events, she was matched with a host family and they became quite close. Abby spent many weekends and holidays with the Dworkins. Abby was a sweet girl, who, despite having been in the system for so long, was not hardened or jaded. She had an innocence about her. She was painfully shy around strangers, but would easily open up in one-on-one environments. She loved to cook and go to the movies and get her nails done. In many ways she was a typical teenager and would binge watch Vampire Diaries and funny cat videos on YouTube. And like so many of our Weekend Miracles kids, she just wanted a home and a family.

However, unlike most of our foster teens, Abby actually was reunited with her birth family in Texas in November 2015. Abby could not wait to go home. She packed all her belongings weeks before departing and counted the minutes until her flight. Once she got to Texas, she stayed in touch with many of her Los Angeles friends, and of course, her host family, who had become a lifelong connection.

Tragically, Abigail was reported missing on March 22nd after failing to return home from walking the family dog. Her body was found in the woods near her home in Texas a month later. Cause of death is still pending autopsy results.

The funeral will be on May 7th in Dickenson, TX.