Moneh, age 12, and Jeremiah, age 10, are charismatic siblings that are very close to one another.

Jeremiah is an active kid with a similarly active mind. He enjoys playing video games and says that his perfect day would not be complete without a visit to the ducks at the pond or a trip to the beach. While he does not have a favorite school subject, some of his favorite and most influential people are his aides at school. He is known for his colorful imagination and ample sense of humor. Jeremiah has a great sense of fairness and a huge heart for those he cares for.

His older sister, Moneh, is highly social and shines in any activity that requires a creative eye. She loves dancing and wishes to be able to take dance classes in the future. She values honesty as one of the most important traits a person can have and promises that she will be a great friend to anyone who is nice to her. Moneh is academically motivated and has already envisioned her graduation and enrollment at CSUN as a future Matador!

Jeremiah has a lot of respect for his older sister and Moneh shows a lot of endearment towards her little brother. They both excel in an environment with lots of positive reassurance and loving guidance, but most of all they flourish with the reassurance and love that they provide to one another. As such, Jeremiah and Moneh are looking for a family that would be open to welcoming both of them into their home.

View a great video of Moneh and Jeremiah – credit: Children’s Action Network.

Help Moneh and Jeremiah find a family, share their Advocacy Flyer.

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