Naomi is an outgoing girl with a great sense of style who enjoys picking out her own clothes and accessories. At 10-years-old Naomi is in the sixth grade. She is doing well academically and has been very receptive to receiving tutoring to help ensure that she stays on track. Naomi interacts well with adults and her peers, and enjoys making new friends. During her free time, Naomi likes watching movies, playing board games, and singing. She says one of her favorite foods is pizza.

Naomi and her younger brothers, Ozzy and Damian, want to find an adoptive family where they can be together. While Naomi does not live with her brothers, she is a great big sister and enjoys any chance she gets to visit them. Only Naomi currently participates in the Kidsave Weekend Miracles program. As for her brothers, Ozzy, age 8, is going into the fourth grade and is being assessed for the GATE program. He’s not only smart, but also very active. Ozzy loves playing with his toys and playing sports such as football and baseball. Damian, age 7, is gearing up to start the second grade. He loves going to Disneyland and enjoys other normal family activities such as going to the park and to the movies.

Naomi and her brothers have consistent visits with a grandparent and their permanent family would be supportive of this relationship. Per the children’s team, it is also important that the permanent family lets them know that they are heard, that they are safe, and that they are worthy of being loved. Could you be the family Naomi and her brothers are looking for?

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