During Kidsave Weekend Miracles’ advocacy event in September, I was fortunate to speak with Paul Nielson and Paul King about their experience with Kidsave.

The couple from Los Angeles got involved with Kidsave after hearing about the organization from a radio advertisement. They have always enjoyed the presence of children in their lives, and since their nieces and nephews have become grown adults, the pair was missing this. “We don’t have contact with kids in everyday life”, says Paul, “and this was the chance to broaden our lives.”

After years going by without having children in their lives, the couple felt unsure as to how to approach and interact with them. Paul and Paul discussed their apprehension about building connections with the kids at first, but that Kidsave allowed them to ease into relationships in a comfortable and organic way. “Pretty quickly there were a brother and sister that we started getting connected to and started driving and I think it was unexpected that we connected to them. It just kind of happened without overthinking,” Paul explains.

Areana, 15, needs an adoptive family.

Areana, 15, needs an adoptive family.

Paul and Paul had mixed emotions when these children were adopted. They were absolutely thrilled that they found permanency but would undoubtedly miss furthering a relationship with them. This didn’t stop the couple from attending Kidsave events and soon after, they met Areana.

In July 2016, they were officially matched as her hosts. Paul and Paul have loved learning about Areana and spending time with her. They enjoy taking her to places and events that she may otherwise not have the chance to be a part of. Recently, they discovered Areana is a Guillermo del Toro fan and brought her to his exhibit at LACMA. They also took her on a road trip up the coast to Santa Barbara and introduced her to a college professor friend of theirs. Paul and Paul have enjoyed acting as a bridge between Areana and her future, introducing her to next life steps such as going to college. They love spending time with Areana and learning what makes her smile and laugh.

Areana is currently looking to be adopted and Paul and Paul are excited to help her along this journey. “If anyone wants to consider hosting in their lives, they should do it without hesitation. It is a great experience. You are providing this great foundation and support for a child that needs your advocacy, your time, and your input as an adult.” Paul and Paul have enjoyed over a year of involvement with Kidsave, and are excited to continue building a relationship with Areana.


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