IMG_3268“I never thought anybody would be at my graduation,” said Roxie, 18, as she signed into a recent Kidsave event. “But now so many people are coming I’m overwhelmed! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get enough tickets for everyone!”

In the midst of Kidsave’s recent Speaker’s Bureau workshop, Roxie took a moment to reflect on her high school career and look ahead at her future. She beamed as she spoke, detailing the oh-so-familiar push to finish up her last five weeks of senior year and her excitement about attending Santa Monica College in the near future.


“I have to do a chapter of homework a day to graduate,” she explained. Though most high school seniors would be discouraged or frustrated by the task, Roxie is up to the challenge. “I’m making Sterling [my host] help me with my chapter after the event today!” she exclaimed with a mischievous smile.

It is moments like this—moments in which a brilliant young woman who never expected anybody to care about her graduation realizes just how loved she is—that make Kidsave’s work so important.

Roxie, we are so proud of you and of your dedication to finishing school! We can’t wait to see what wonderful path you follow in your future!


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