Adam is the first to admit that adopting a 13 year old boy from Colombia was not what he had in mind when he began his process of starting a family.

“Two years ago, I was thinking surrogacy, co-parenting, or adopting an infant. There is no way that I would have guessed that I would adopt a 13 year old,” says Adam. “The process is amazing, and ultimately I ended up with an awesome child, Cristian. He is absolutely my son, and I could not be any happier.”

Adoption NewsAdam’s participation in the 2013 Summer Miracles Program gave him the opportunity to meet and get to know his now son Cristian. Adam and Cristian met just 7 months ago, in July of 2013. Adam did not host Cristian but as a visiting family he was able to spend a lot of time with Cristian during his four-week visit from Colombia to the NY-NJ-CT Summer Miracles community. Cristian and Adam attended the Kidsave weekend events together, went on adventures to parks and museums in New York City, and Adam introduced Cristian to his extended family.

“Participating in Kidsave is absolutely life changing; it is really the best month of my life. For 30 days you host a child, you may or may not adopt that child, but you will help that child find a home, and likely you will fall for one of the children. I can’t think of a more powerful volunteering opportunity,” said Adam. “From the moment that you meet the children at the airport, the experience is like nothing else, these kids are very anxious to have a family, my New York heart melted the first time that I was called ‘father’”.

By the end of the summer visit it was clear to everyone that observed Adam and Cristian, these two were meant to be a family – their love radiated. In record time Adam traveled to Colombia in November 2013 to finalize his adoption of Cristian, returning to New York just before Christmas.

“Its kismet – I am not religious, but certainly something amazing happened to place Cristian in my life”, exclaimed