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SocialToaster is a social media marketing platform that can empower you, Kidsave’s biggest supporters, to act as word-of-mouth ambassadors for us. Content is sent directly through SocialToaster e-blasts so you can easily share it across your social media platforms with the click of one button.

Kidsave superfans on SocialToaster are called “Kidsavers.”

How it works

  1. Visit:
  2. Sign on to the platform and choose which social media accounts you want to integrate (our top choices are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  3. We will occasionally send content we want/need shared across social media platforms. Stories about kids, events and news.
    d. Kidsaver’s will receive this content with one big SHARE NOW button and once you hit that, it will be shared across all the platforms that you allowed access to during sign-on.

Simple and oh so helpful!