Sponsor a child in Sierra Leone.
Help a forgotten child grow up in a family.

For $39 a month you can help a child separated from family be reunified.

Or give one-time only in honor of a loved one.

Your contribution will give a child who is hidden from view the visibility to find a family.

Once your child has been placed you will receive a photo of the child in a new family.

Please help us support the children in our programs today.

Your donation will transform a life.

Child Sponsorship – As little as $39 a month.


How Does Child Sponsorship Work?
Kidsave’s Family Visit Model supports children in US foster care and foreign orphanages meet families who want to help them find adoptive families and lifelong connections. These lifelong connections may be legal guardians, a permanent foster family or a very committed mentoring relationship.
Do Children and/or Families Receive the Funds?
No cash is transferred to children or host families. All families and mentors who engage with the children are volunteers to maximize their commitment to the children. Funding goes to help recruit host families, support recruitment events, manage children’s local transportation, provide health insurance, and promote the availability of the children for adoption.
Will I Get To Know My Child?
The children in Kidsave’s programs are all in the custody of governments who will not allow us to attach individual children to fundraising.  Therefore we pool the child sponsorship funds received so that we are able to provide resources to all our hosting programs in order to perpetuate use of the model and increase hosting opportunities for kids without permanent parents.
What’s In It For Me?
Depending on where you live you are invited to recruitment events that support family-finding.  Through our website and regular communications we will share information about children who are matched for adoption – thereby successfully completing our program.  You will know that your contribution played a big part in that child moving into a permanent family.