Sponsor a child in Sierra Leone.

For $39 a month you can help a child separated from family be reunified.

Or give one-time only in honor of a loved one.

Your contribution will give a child who is hidden from view the visibility to find a family.

Once your child has been placed you will receive a photo of the child in a new family.

Please help us support the children in our programs today.

Your donation will transform a life.

Child Sponsorship – As little as $39 a month.


How Does Child Sponsorship Work?
Our child sponsorship program enables an orphan to be reunified with his or her family member through the process where social workers will work with local key stakeholders to search and locate the children’s families. If reunification is not possible, the child will be placed with a host family who will advocate for permanent family placement. Upon placement, the social workers will monitor the children’s well-being.

Do Children and/or Families Receive the Funds?
No, funding goes to support the program efforts in the community in placing a child with a family. The funds also cover basic needs such as a mattress, sheets, and a pillow – giving the child a jump start into his or her new home.

Will I Get To Know My Child?
At the beginning of the program, you will receive a picture and a short story of your sponsored child followed by two updates – one about his or her new family and a last one about how your sponsorship impacted the child.

Why Sponsor a Child
Sponsoring a child in Sierra Leone is the most effective way to make a difference in a child’s life when all hopes are gone. By becoming a sponsor, you’re not only contributing to the improvement of the individual child’s life in insuring a better education, health, and nutrition but you’re also contributing to the larger community’s well-being in fighting poverty and crime.