Adam and Debbie get to know the newest member of the DeLisi family, Jennifer!

Adam and Debbie DeLisi had just started getting attached to the three-week-old baby boy that they were fostering when he was taken to live with his family member. At the time, this felt like a difficult split, but it was simply a turn in the road that eventually led them to a match with the now seventeen-year-old Jennifer.

The couple met Jennifer at a Kidsave event in June of 2015. Debbie happened to be paired with Jennifer during an egg drop game and although Jennifer was fairly shy, there was still a special connection felt by both parties. After their first meeting with Jennifer, Adam and Debbie often drove her to Kidsave events. After doing so for some time, the couple was informed that another family was interested in adopting her. “Our hearts sank and we said WAIT!” said the couple. “Realizing we may lose Jennifer was the clarity we needed to see that we really wanted to move forward!”

Jennifer’s adoption has not yet been finalized, but that has not stopped the trio from becoming a family. Together, they enjoy going to the movies, creating art, and finding great new restaurants. Adam and Debbie have already introduced Jennifer to their extended families. ” Of course, everyone loved Jennifer and was intrigued by her spirit and journey, and I think Jennifer was also intrigued by our families. As with any relationship, it’s all a process and takes time. I think as time goes on, our families can learn from Jennifer and where she comes from and Jennifer can learn from our families and where we come from. Isn’t that the cool thing about life?!” said Adam.

An avid painter and drawer, Jennifer loves art and admires Tim Burton. In school, her favorite subject is History. She absolutely adores animals and in the future, she hopes to attend Cal Poly to become a veterinarian. Adam and Debbie do their best to support her goals in every way that they can, citing the most rewarding part of their experience with Jennifer “the joy of seeing her blossom and get closer and closer to her dreams!”

Adam and Debbie have had some emotional and cultural obstacles in getting to know Jennifer, but have worked at overcoming these challenges with loving communication and understanding. The family strives to understand one another and the couple has made it a point to embrace Jennifer’s culture. “We also share with her our own pasts, challenges, and hurdles in life that may help her see she’s not alone and she can overcome things. We simply try and provide a safe, loving environment where she can flourish and call home,” said the couple. “THANK YOU Kidsave!”

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