Kidsave’s focus in Sierra Leone is twofold. Initially we seek to find biological or extended families of children who lost one or both parents to Ebola. If the child cannot be returned to those who knew and loved him or her before, they go into hosting.


Bockarie lost both her parents when she was 12 to the Ebola crisis. After languishing in an orphanage with no outreach to her family for almost two years, no one had reached out to help her. Over the past few months Kidsave searched to find Bockarie’s grandmother and recently reunited them. Bockarie has moved in with her grandmother permanently.





Umu was not able to be reunited with her relatives, but met Zainab at a Kidsave event designed to introduce potential host families to children. After spending the Christmas Holidays with Zainab and her five children Umu has moved in permanently. “My first day with this family was like meeting my biological parents again as there is nothing I can see as difference between them. They are a family who have great passion, love and concern for me and am happy to be with them. Life in the orphanage is a different ball game; No storytelling, no free movements, no outdoor games. Even though I have lost my mom and dad to the dreadful disease Ebola; I thank God for bringing joy to me through this family once again”


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