Tyree’s story before he came to Kidsave was not a happy one.   At the time of his referral to the program, he was living in a residential facility, and had been in foster care essentially since the day he was born.  Tyree also has sickle cell anemia, which complicated efforts to find him an adoptive family, since many did not feel prepared to take a child with medical needs.  He had appeared on Wednesday’s Child, an adoption advocacy segment on Fox News sponsored by the Freddie Mac Foundation, twice, with no response.   Kidsave was Tyree’s last hope for finding a family.

Ray Baker was a single man, a pastor and school teacher, whose boys were all grown up, and yet he felt he wasn’t done being a parent.  He started the process to adopt a child from foster care, and was referred to Kidsave by our partners at the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.  Tyree happened to be at the first Weekend Miracles event Ray attended, and Ray felt drawn to this beautiful boy with the endearing smile.

Ray and Tyree

About a year after they met, Ray started hosting Tyree on weekends.

Just a few short months later, Tyree moved from his residential facility into Ray’s home.  Ray supported Tyree’s athletic interests (Tyree plays basketball and football at his high school), while also encourage academic achievement.  On Aug. 2nd of this year, Tyree’s adoption was finalized.

Tyree proudly told Kidsave staff in September at the annual Golf Tournament that he’s doing great, with all A’s and B’s in his classes at school.  Tyree’s dream is to someday attend the University of Southern California on a football or basketball scholarship.  This would have seemed like an impossible dream just a couple years ago, but now Tyree has the support of his dad to help him make his dream a reality.