Weekend Miracles youth in need of host and adoptive families create vision boards of their 2017 goals.

On January 21st, 22 families met up with 11 kids in need of host or adoptive families to make vision boards at Kidsave’s Weekend Miracles event. At this fun event the families helped the kids use a variety of materials such as magazines, cardstock, markers, and more to create a visual representation of their goals for the coming year.


The collaborative activity helped the kids to think in both fun and serious ways about what they want to achieve in 2017 with the help of families who contributed ideas as well as joining in cutting up magazines at the kids’ direction.


Some kids’ boards heavily featured Star Wars and comic book paraphernalia, while others referenced a desire to travel.


Arlena wants to graduate high school early, see Beyoncé in concert, and travel. She asked John, who helped her with the activity, to come up with her as she presented her board.


No matter what the kids decided their goals were for this year, the families supported their creative decisions and so helped the kids open up in the casual setting for a fun afternoon.


All of these children need host and/or adoptive families. Learn more about what you can do to help or how to become a host family on Kidsave’s Weekend Miracles page.