Thank you for helping us raise funds to continue to find families for older foster youth and orphans.

All auction donors will be seen by the public as they view auction items during the 5-day event, June 2-6, 2021.
You’ll also get coverage as we feature the items on our social media pages.

Kidsave is a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID #: 91-1887623. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.


Wonderful! Please fill out the form below on this page.

We prefer items that can be emailed (a certificate or letter) or fit in an envelope so that Kidsave can send it to the winning bidder. But if your item requires shipping that’s more than a stamp, we ask if you could also ship it to the winning bidder. We’d also ask that you send the item no later than June 15th. If you cannot include shipping in your donation, please contact our staff to arrange details for pickup. For packages, items should be valued at a minimum of $50.

Yes. We will send you an IRS-worthy tax letter in thanks for your donation.

Please contact Bonnie in DC at 202-503-3104
or Shirene in Los Angeles at 310-642-7203

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