Kidsave Values Statement

At Kidsave our values form the foundation of our organization and influence our goals. We strive to carry out our work with integrity to pursue honorable initiatives. We believe in our cause and strive to empower our supporters to advocate, volunteer to help, and adopt kids who need stable and loving forever families.

  1. We put our young people first because we are passionate about ensuring their best possible outcomes. The well-being of our kids is paramount. All staff, volunteers, translators, host families, and visiting families are trained to ensure they are sensitive to the needs and circumstances of each child, respectful of their privacy, supportive of them, and listening and observing to meet their needs. Staff, volunteers, translators, host families, and visiting families are vetted, sign a confidentiality agreement, and must go through a criminal background check. All advocacy events are created with the children in mind – so they are fun, engaging, and safe.
  2. We take pride in our responsiveness to our supporters’ inquiries, reaching out to them both off and online.  Our staff works with urgency to solve problems. We quickly and personally respond to inquiries, kids’ and hosts’ concerns, medical or dental needs or any other needs with the support of counselors and medical professionals.
  3. We take every chance we get to speak out. Kidsave is a voice for kids everywhere who are forgotten, but promoting our programs through the State Department, team up as a coalition with other organizations that address the needs of vulnerable children, and through the promotion of Kidsave ‘s vision and goals at events and in the media.
  4. We collaborate with communities nationwide and with local governments and NGOs worldwide. We partner with others who are dedicated to improving the health and happiness of kids in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  5. We act with honesty and transparency. Kidsave does not sugar-coat the backgrounds of children but takes special care to present and share the good qualities of these kids, while letting people know these are kids who have experienced loss and abandonment, and they may struggle as they learn to trust and be loved. Kidsave does not get the hopes of the children or adoptive families up, understanding the complicated process of adoption and things that can arise that can derail an adoption (divorce, family emergencies, etc).
  6. We acknowledge that we are dependent upon the public sector for funding, therefore we are very careful to spend our funds sensibly. Click here to learn more.
  7. Kidsave has the stamina, grit, and dedication to help kids who are forgotten. These kids stay at the forefront of our thoughts and enable our work to remain focused and passionate. Kidsave constantly seeks to improve and innovate. We learn from similar organizations, and from our challenges and successes.
  8. We view our team as family. Our work requires constant coordination and communication among staff, and a willingness to help each other as needed. We are a supportive and caring team. The team has many cross-over skills in order to help each other; we work weekends and evenings as needed to help our kids.
  9. We never give up. We take the mission of finding kids families personally, and we are relentless in creating change. We never give up on kids. We try to bring children who did not find a family during the summer back, and work year-round to advocate for them. We are always available to those who have hosted or adopted and need help.


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