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Our People

By |2021-07-30T10:13:02-07:00May 1st, 2018|

Our people are the core and foundation of Kidsave. They are dedicated to our goals and values and go above and beyond on a daily basis.

A Leap of Faith

By |2021-06-20T09:14:37-07:00June 19th, 2021|

For Stephen McCall, his close bond with his mother, his family and friends were always enough. He was perfectly content with his life as it was, until a trip to Colombia changed everything.

Celebrating All Moms on Mother’s Day

By |2021-05-09T11:18:42-07:00May 9th, 2021|

When Samantha met Kecia Wherry in 2006, she was just 11 years old and traveled from Colombia to the United States through Kidsave’s Summer Miracles program. Although she was being hosted by another family, Kecia and Samantha struck an inseparable bond. The Wherry Family later adopted her and her brother Antonio. Samantha is now is 26 and is currently completing her Master's in International Relations at the London School of Economics. 

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