Our Work

At Kidsave, we believe in the potential inside every child. We strive to create change in our world so that all kids, everywhere, grow up in loving, supportive families, connected to caring adults.

Our programs help older kids in foster care and orphanages find meaningful, lasting connections with adults and families. Whether that relationship is with a mentor, a host family, or an adoptive forever family, our kids get a voice and a choice in who they get to know and who becomes their “family.”

Kidsave’s innovative Connection Models help older kids find families in the U.S. and overseas.

Using these models, we are able to:


  • Demonstrate how older children to be adopted can safely move into permanent families and extended family relationships.

  • Involve members of the community as dedicated volunteers and champions for kids.

  • Train governments and advocate for change so more children worldwide can grow up in families.



Our innovative Family Visit Model lets relationships build organically between kids and families. By spending time together over weekends and during school breaks, the families and kids get to know each other to strengthen bonds and connections.


Kidsave's reunification program focuses on reintegrating children growing up in orphanages back into their communities, reuniting them with biological or extended family.


Kidsave Mentorship Programs works to provide girls in Russia with mentoring relationships which helps them keep their babies. Individual and Corporate Mentorship Programs in Russia and Ukraine help orphans gain life and job skills and start an independent life.



Your gifts of time and money can transform the life of a child.

100% of your money goes directly to helping kids.

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