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Host a child. Change a life (including your own).

Here’s what hosting a child is all about.

So, what is “Hosting?”

Think of hosting as being a super mentor, and opening your heart and home to a child who needs the stability, security and support of a family.

Hosting through our Weekend Miracles program, you commit to spending regular time with an older kid in foster care through weekend visits (2 weekends a month). Host families spend this time getting to know a teen, building a connection, and supporting them as they navigate their lives with the goal of developing a lifelong, connected, caring. Hosting often results in long-term mentoring relationships, legal guardianship, and adoptions.

You can also participate in Summer Miracles and host a child from Colombia, who needs a family, during the summer. We have volunteer Summer Miracles communities across the country that can support you in hosting this year or next. While the kids are here, they learn about U.S. culture, attend summer camp, and experience life in an American family. You’ll work with Kidsave staff and volunteers to help engage your local community to get to know the kids and find them an adoptive family. Many of our host families progress to adopt the children they host.

Why Host a Child through Kidsave?

Kidsave hosting is unique because it gives you a chance to spend time with a child before deciding on adoption. And, after more than 20 years implementing our Family Visit Model around the world, we know that once you meet the kids, it becomes easy to be their champions — or to become so connected adoption is a natural choice. Our goal is to help you walk through the process of making a difference in the life of a child.

What are the kids like?

Kidsave programs support  older kids living in foster care in here in the U.S. kids and children in orphanages overseas. Hosting gives these kids an opportunity to experience family life and build relationships with caring, consistent adults just like you. Your main priority as a host is to help that young person move into a permanent loving home by introducing them to prospective parents or considering adoption yourself.
The youth in our program have often experienced loneliness and trauma that is hard to imagine. At Kidsave, we believe their journey doesn’t stop there. We know that your dedication to an older child can single-handedly change the course of their future and will introduce them to a love they’ve often never known, but desperately long for.

Host Family Testimonials

Aura | Host a Child

“One of the best parts of Kidsave is the instant community… The close bond that we felt for the other families hosting was unexpected. Keep an open mind and heart and be ready to fall in love. These kids just want to be loved, be part of a family. We found our daughter through Kidsave. Every child deserves a family and we are so grateful to Kidsave.”

- Marla and Dan (Aura's adoptive parents)

“But we are not alone. With Kidsave, we found a huge family that supports us in this new journey. We encourage each other by sharing our experiences, and our family continues to grow in love and strength.” Read More

- Carolina and Aric (Adoptive parents)

“I am so grateful to Kidsave for allowing me to be a part of the Weekend Miracles program, it has been a life-changing and eye-opening experience. I promise you, if you get involved with these children, you will change their life but they will also change yours.” Learn more about Curtis

- Amber, Weekend Miracles Host

“We started exploring and once we found out Kidsave’s mission we were hooked. With Colombia having its 52-year civil war, there are so many children who have lost their families, and for no fault of their own they’re looked over just because of their age.” Read More

- Liz and Brian Michaud

How do I host a child?

Learn More about Kidsave’s two hosting programs and what will work best for you.

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