Fundraise for Kidsave

Support children in foster care and orphanages through an email or social media campaign.

There’s power in numbers! Create a dream team of “Kidsavers” through the power of your voice, your social media platforms, and your email lists. Advance Kidsave’s mission to change the world with each permanent placement of an older child who needs a family.

Click, type, and engage your friends and relatives. You can do amazing things — simply send an email or create a post. Fundraise for Kidsave is fun and easy.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1. Register using the button below.
Step 2. In your HQ Share in an email or on social media.
Step 3. Follow the prompts!

You’ll be amazed how fun and easy it is and you will be wowed by the generosity of others.


Did you know 100% of Facebook fundraiser donations go directly to Kidsave? Invite your Facebook friends to join the cause by using the link below. Need an idea for your birthday this year? Create a Birthday Fundraiser! Simply click the link below.



Your gifts of time and money can transform the life of a child.

100% of your money goes directly to helping kids.

Learn more about where your money goes here.