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Winter Gallery

International Adoption Photolisting

Weekend Miracles Gallery

U. S. Adoption Photolisting – Los Angeles

International Summer/Winter Program


Our Summer Miracles program works to ‘match’ our kids with prospective parents interested in adopting older children from outside of the U.S. These kids have in recent years been from Colombia. We work with Hague-Accredited Agency Partners to help the process go smoothly. We work with these partners specifically because they operate under the Hague Convention, which helps protect children adopted internationally. The kids stay in the U.S. for five weeks in the summer and three weeks in the winter. Once they arrive, they stay with host families who either help the kids find a forever family or to adopt them themselves!

U.S. Weekend Program


Our Weekend Miracles program is our domestic program in Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas. The kids who are part of our Weekend Miracles program are looking for adoptive parents or host families. Host families are somewhere between mentors and adoptive parents! Therefore, they provide kids with guidance and serve as parental figures. We value the opinions of the kids we champion. We want each of them to feel that they have a voice and a choice in their lives.

Not all kids in foster care are interested in adoption for one reason or another, and we support their decisions. As a result, for those Weekend Miracles kids who do wish for adoption, we do everything in our power to support their search. For some who join our program, it may be their last chance to be adopted.


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