Meet the Weekend Miracles Kids by exploring their adoption photolisting below. These kids are living in group homes or foster homes in Los Angeles County. Kidsave is seeking families who are willing to host these children and share their family life, mentor them and help them find a permanent home. These are children available for adoption.
Be the Weekend Miracle they are longing for by hosting them, donating to help us find them homes or by volunteering your time to help find them homes.
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These Kids Need Host and Adoptive Families

See the kids who have hosts and are waiting for adoption below


JacobJacob, 12, is an avid reader who is interested in Greek and Egyptian mythology and can explain the differences between the two. He has read over 40 books on the subject. He also enjoys reading the Bible and attends church almost every Sunday. Jacob sees reading as a refuge and a way of coping with stress. In addition to his love for reading, Jacob enjoys school and gets excellent grades. His favorite subject is currently Science. When Jacob grows up, he wants to join the United States Marines so that he can travel and help people.

Jacob considers himself an athlete and enjoys playing various sports, like football, basketball, and baseball. Jacob currently plays on a weekly basketball league and one of his goals this year is to play on a football team. When Jacob is not involved in sports activities he loves to cook and try new recipes.

Jacob is a huge fan of rap music and has read and researched the entire history of rap, he could probably answer any question regarding its origin. On his spare time Jacob will write and practice his rap skills which has become a form of communication and expression for him. Jacob describes rap as “expressing yourself in ways other than violence” and for Jacob, music has become an additional outlet and form of therapy. Recently, Jacob had the opportunity to write and record his own song at a local Los Angeles recording studio.

Jacob has been matched with a host since January 2015. Jacob’s host has described him as smart, fun and very energetic. One of Jacob’s favorite activities with his host has been going to the batting cages and paddle boating.

Ultimately Jacob’s goal is to one day be adopted by a loving Christian family that can appreciate him. Jacob has an older brother that he visits and would like a family that helps continue to nurture and support his relationship with his brother. Can you be the family Jacob is looking for?

Click here to watch Jacob’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday Child and listen to him rap.

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Alexis, born in 2000, is a delightful young lady of African American and Hispanic descent. Her interests are quite varied—Alexis enjoys playing with younger children, especially with dolls, but also likes to go shopping and to the movies with other teens her age. She loves swimming, and you might also find Alexis reading a good book.
Alexis is doing well in school and is in the 7th grade. Some of her interests and behaviors are slightly immature compared to other girls her age, but she is currently working on verbalizing her feelings and learning effective communication. Alexis enjoys going to church and is looking for a family who will appreciate and support her spiritual side. She is open to any type of forever family, but might do best in a home where she is the only child.
Could your family provide the love and attention Alexis needs and deserves?
Click here to watch Alexis’ interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child and see her get a new makeover.


Alton, age 11, is an outgoing and playful young man with an energetic personality. His friendly and engaging nature makes him popular with both peers and adults. He can also be quite the comedian and loves to make people laugh with his dry sense of humor. When Alton isn’t goofing around, he can be very polite and patient. He plays well with his friends and doesn’t mind helping others when needed.

Alton is a very active young man who enjoys sports – especially basketball and football. He loves watching football on Sundays and hopes to one day join a team. He is also a big fan of hip hop music and enjoys showing off his latest dance moves. Alton doesn’t consider himself to be a picky eater, but he really enjoys foods like pizza and cheeseburgers.

Alton would like a family who can provide him with the unconditional love and support that he needs.

Anthony Q.

Anthony, age 11, is a sweet-natured active young man with a great passion for sports and action figures. He enjoys playing in the park with his friends after school and loves to play different sports such as soccer, swimming, basketball, and softball. When Anthony isn’t running around outside, he enjoys playing with his super hero action figures.

At school, Anthony is in Special Education classes. He keeps a positive attitude regarding his education and is engaged in class. He works well with his peers and is respectful to his teachers.

Anthony wants a family who can provide the unconditional love and support for his active lifestyle. Could you be the family Anthony is seeking?


Dejuan, born in 2002, is shy when you first meet him, and takes a little coaxing to come out of his shell. Once he’s comfortable you will find an intelligent, spirited child who can joke and tease with the best of them! Dejuan loves to eat with his favorite food by far being ribs! He is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and loves to both watch and play football. Dejuan is on a special education plan in school so he can receive guidance and help in dealing with his frustration over the assignments. He is currently learning how to better express his feelings and communicate his needs to others. Dejuan is a diabetic but takes an active role in managing his diabetes. He needs a
family that will provide him with a loving and structured environment. Could yours be the right family for Dejuan?

Click here to watch Dejuan’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child and learn some new moves with the Harlem Globetrotters.


Elemmar is ready to join a family that is willing to get to know her and provide unconditional love to support her path to adulthood. She said that she wanted a “good family that cares about me”. When referring to herself, she said “I’m lovable. I love a lot of people.” Elemmar faces challenges head on and has proven to be a determined and independent teen. She was born in March of 1999 and is of Latino descent. One of her favorite past times includes sports. So if you are a soccer or football enthusiast, this child is for you. She is not limited to her love of sports though; she also enjoys arts and crafts such as drawing and ceramics.

Elemmar is diagnosed with Type I diabetes. She is managing it very well and has been able to control her sugar levels with a combination of medication and diet. Elemmar feels sad often and struggles with the effect of the events that brought her to the foster care system. However, she is making effort to work on these issues with the help of therapy and a medication regimen.

Elemmar would be a delightful addition to any family and she would enjoy having an instant family with sibling(s) too. Could your family provide the lasting love and support Elemmar is seeking?

Ultimate Wish Interview – Video


Edgar, born in 2002, is a shy young man but with the right topic Edgar will open up immediately. During his free time, Edgar skate boarding around his neighborhood. Sometimes he finds skate boarding challenging and would love for someone to teach him new tricks and moves. Edgar also enjoys playing video games and especially loves any game having to do with sports.
Edgar enjoys school and looks forward to his science class. He loves to conduct experiments and learn how things work. Edgar also likes his PE class because he gets to play volleyball and baseball with his friends. He hopes to have a family who is active and will encourage his love for sports.
Edgar has 2 older siblings who he remains connected to. He loves to spend time with them and would like a family who will support his relationship with his siblings.


Elijah, born in 2003, is a delightfully spirited youth with a great sense of humor. He gets along with everyone he meets and makes friends easily. He considers himself to be a bit of a comic who enjoys making others laugh. It is difficult to be sad around Elijah with his infectious grin and vibrant, positive attitude. People who know Elijah describe him as a thoughtful and kind youth with a big heart.

Like most teenage boys, Elijah loves to unwind at home and play video games. During the summer you may find Elijah at the pool with friends. In the future, Elijah would like to join the Armed Forces and climb up the chain of command. With hard work, dedication, and the support of a loving family – Elijah could be the next Commanding General!


Eric, born in 2000, is a bright and creative teenager with a wide range of interests. He describes himself as an outgoing young man who loves meeting new people. During his free time, Eric likes to stay active by playing soccer, skateboarding, gardening, and even gymnastics! He would love to take karate classes in the future and earn himself a black belt.
When it is time to relax, Eric likes to play video games. He also has a big soft spot for animals and would love to someday have his own dog or cat. At school, Eric is a responsible student who enjoys learning and likes to participate in different extra-curricular activities on campus. He knows the importance of good grades and has earned several academic achievement awards.
Eric wants a family who will offer encouragement and support throughout his future.

Could you be the family Eric is seeking?

Click here to watch Eric’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child and explore his love for animals.


Jeremy, born in 2001, is an intelligent and articulate young man with an engaging personality. He is remarkably well spoken and verbalizes his thoughts and feelings. Jeremy does well in school and takes a lot of pride in maintaining good grades. But Jeremy isn’t all work and no play. Like most teenagers, Jeremy likes to hang out with his friends, go to the beach and go shopping. He stays active by riding his bike and playing sports such as football and basketball. Jeremy also enjoys horses and recently started volunteering at a local horse stable.

Jeremy wants an active family who can provide him with the unconditional love and support that he needs. Could you be the family Jeremy is seeking?


Born in 2000, Jeffery is a handsome boy who is shy and reserved at first but becomes expressive and open once you get to know him. With a go-getter attitude, Jeffery knows how to advocate for himself. He does well in school, where he is well-liked and has several friends.
Jeffery has twin older sisters and is a proud uncle. He always looks forward to spending time with his siblings and nephew. His sisters are very close to their little brother and they want what is best for him.
During Jeffery’s spare time, he enjoys playing baseball and videos games, going to the mall, and hanging out with friends. He is also adventurous and likes to try new things. Jeffery’s current caretaker describes him as a bright young man who is polite and good-natured. Jeffery hopes to belong in a family composed of a single mom or a mom and a dad.
Could yours be the family Jeffery is seeking?

Click here to watch Jeffrey’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child and spend time with his favorite baseball team – the L.A. Dodgers.

Ultimate Wish Interview – Video


Joshua, born in 2003, is a friendly and outgoing young man. He loves to meet new people and can hold a conversation with just about anyone. Joshua enjoys spending his free time riding his bike, drawing, and listening to music. When Joshua wants to relax he likes to put on a good movie. His three favorite movies are Rio, Home Alone, and Are We There Yet.
Joshua likes to stay active and enjoys wrestling, swimming, and is always up for a game of basketball or football. He hopes to one day play on a youth sports league and wishes for a family who will help make this a reality. There is more to Joshua then just the love of sports. He loves to garden and help cook dinner, specifically Chinese food. Like most kids, Joshua’s favorite part about any meal is dessert; his all-time favorites are chocolate and lemon cake. Joshua loves animals, especially dogs and one day he hopes to have a dog of his own.
Joshua puts forth a lot of effort in every school subject, but he admits his favorite subject is math. He strives to get good grades and feels proud of himself when he gets A’s. Joshua wants to go to college and become an FBI agent. With the help of a supportive and loving family Joshua’s hopes and dreams can come true.


Jesus, born in 2000, is a bright and well-mannered young man who really comes alive while exploring the great outdoors. Jesus is passionate about outdoor activities that allow him to camp, hike, surf, and study nature. When he was a Boy Scout, he enjoyed learning how to build a campfire and pitch a tent. He even took surfing lessons and learned how to really carve out some waves on the board!

When Jesus is not taking advantage of the outdoors, he enjoys reading detective and mystery novels. He also loves animals and likes learning about them. His favorite animals are dogs; someday he would really like to have a dog of his own.

Jesus is initially reserved when meeting new people, but will open up once he feels comfortable. He has a sweet demeanor and a good sense of humor which makes him popular. He is doing very well in school and takes pride in getting A’s and B’s in his classes.

Jesus would like to become part of a permanent, loving family who is patient, supportive, and likes to have fun outdoors.


Mariah, age 14, is a charming young lady who considers herself a girly-girl and loves all types of nail polish, new hair-dos, and trendy clothing. Mariah is also a very athletic teen and loves the “Great Outdoors”. When Mariah is adopted she would like to participate in kick-boxing and dance classes. She will be joining the water polo team at school this year because she loves to swim. She is a very healthy eater and is a vegetarian.

Mariah is articulate and able to express her thoughts and needs appropriately. Mariah likes watching her favorite movies, television shows and she enjoys art. She was also participating in the Color Guard at school and participating in parades during the school year.

It is important for her to maintain contact with her siblings. Mariah is “Looking for a family to remain committed to me no matter what happens.”


Michael, age 12, has a pleasant demeanor. He is no different than most kids his age as he enjoys playing sports. His favorite sports are football and basketball. This is exemplified by his enthusiasm in his physical education class at Stone Ridge Academy. In addition to doing well in PE, Michael is also doing well in other academic classes. His teachers have said that he “participates daily, tries hard, and completes assignments.” In his free time, he like to play video games. Michael is also involved in the Boy Scouts and enjoys the Den’s activities. His favorite foods are pizza and Mexican food.


Robert, born in 2000 has a sweet and relaxed demeanor and can at times come off as shy in big crowds. He enjoys playing sports with baseball being his favorite. One of his favorite things to do during his free time is play video games with friends. In school, Robert would benefit from tutoring services so that he can reach his maximum potential.

Robert has 2 siblings he is very close to and always takes any opportunity to visit with them. He is looking for an adoptive family that will support his relationship with his siblings. Robert would also love a family who spends time together and will make him feel at home.


Rosa, born in 1998, is a vibrant and energetic young lady with a beautiful smile. Her friendly, pleasant nature makes her easy to get along with. She is a social butterfly and enjoys helping others. In her free time Rosa loves hanging out with her friends and listening to music. She also really loves playing basketball and enjoys trying new sports.

Rosa attended Kidsave’s 2014 Weekend Miracles Girls Camp where she revealed her adventurous side by participating in a high ropes course and zip lining. She remained positive and upbeat when facing challenges. Rosa was the first to cheer on others who needed encouragement during the high ropes course and displayed great team work.

Rosa needs a single female family who will help her take advantage of life’s adventures and thrive.


Stevie is a 13 year-old boy who enjoys trains, cars, transformers and video games. He also likes to read, draw, and swim. The movie “Titanic” is his current favorite.

Stevie tends to be somewhat of a loner and sometimes needs help socializing with others. But he can carry on plenty of conversation if the topic is something he is interested in.

Stevie attends special education classes and does well in school. He needs a family that can be very patient with his autistic/Asperger’s behaviors, and that can give him a lot of attention and love.

Click here to watch Stevie’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child and learn about marine life at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.


Toby, born 2002, is very handsome and charming. He can be a little shy at first, but will quickly warm up. Toby is full of life and energy. Toby enjoys just about any sport. He likes to go swimming, skateboarding and play video games. He favors football the most. He hopes to join a Pop Warner football team one day. Being goal oriented is one of Toby’s strengths. He struggles in school, but strives to better himself. Toby is learning new ways to be socially engaged and manage his frustrations. With the help of a family with lots of love and care, Toby can meet his life goals. He’s destined to accomplish great things, but can’t do it alone. Could you be the encouraging and loving family Toby needs?

Ultimate Wish Interview – Video



Vanessa, age 15, is a friendly and social girl who enjoys doing things kids her age do. Like most typical teenagers Vanessa is a pro when it comes to social networking. She enjoys spending time with friends while doing activities like going to the mall just to walk around or going to the movies. She also likes spending time on Facebook.

Vanessa is very self-sufficient. She is learning to cook and is a clean and organized teenager. She is not sure what she wants to do when she gets out of high school, but she has express interest in attending college. Vanessa has become a confident and social girl over the years and she is able to communicate and relate well with others. She is a healthy teen who has been improving in school with the help of tutoring.


With a sweet and gentle personality, Varsety, born 1997, is a pleasure to know.
He is soft spoken, but loves to socialize and gets along well with everyone. He loves being helpful and takes pride in offering assistance to anyone who may need it. He attends high school and admits that although he sees the importance of school, he would rather be throwing a football or playing a great game of basketball. Varsety is an amputee but he does not let it slow him down.

He absolutely loves playing on his Challenger’s basketball league and hopes that someday he will have a family to cheer him on in the stands.

Varsety hopes to one day go to culinary school to become a chef. When asked why he wanted to be a chef he responded, “Because I like to eat.”

Could you be the family to help Varsety reach his goals and dreams?

Click here to watch Varsety’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child at the Queen Mary’s CHILL in Long Beach.

US Kids with Hosts Who Need Adoptive Families


Anthony (age 15) loves video games, i-Pods and computers. He is interested in basketball and football, and hopes to play football in high school. He would love to find a family that enjoys the great outdoors.

Anthony has a lot of dreams, aspirations and interests. He would like to become a DJ to earn money while he is in high school. Anthony’s long term goal is a career in law enforcement. He believes his size and people skills would be an asset to a police department. When he graduates from high school he plans to enlist in the military, and then pursue his law enforcement career when his tour of duty ends. But most of all, Anthony dreams of having a permanent home and family.


Endya, born in 2003, is an outgoing, sweet, and clever girl. Energetic in nature, she has a passion for dance and cheerleading. Endya is also very interested in style—she loves getting her hair done and rockin’ new outfits! Endya is very friendly, with great communication skills, and can easily convey her feelings and wishes.
Endya struggles a bit in school but is receiving academic and counseling services. However, the support of loving adults could help her succeed by encouraging good attendance, good behavior, and homework completion. Endya is very willing to help out at home and also very eager to please. She would thrive under the guidance of trustworthy adults who can provide her with a stable routine that lets her enjoy being a child.
Endya wants to be a part of a forever family; could that family be yours?


Jason, born in 1998, is a reserved boy who opens up quickly once he warms up to you. His foster parents describe him as a polite young man who is good-natured and respectful of their household rules.
Jason enjoys skateboarding with his friends in his neighborhood and at skate parks. He struggles with some of his classes but is taking tutoring sessions to raise his grades. Jason is also learning karate and participating in a college prep program twice a week. Jason felt a sense of accomplishment when he graduated the 8th grade because he is the first of his 4 older siblings to achieve this milestone. Supportive adults have helped Jason come so far. Imagine what a loving, forever family could do.
Could yours be the family for Jason?


Joshua, born in 1998, is a handsome, animated young man. He likes to play sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys playing video games and watching action films. Joshua gets along with adults and kids, and enjoys the company of pets. He can be particular about foods, but loves pizza!
Joshua is making steady academic progress; his favorite subject is math. He is currently in special education and is a Regional Center client. Joshua is open to trying new activities and is learning to compromise in relationships. He can be outspoken about his desires, but is learning to express his wants in more appropriate ways. Joshua has regular visits with his birth father and he would like to maintain this relationship. Could yours be the family for Joshua?

Linda and Matthew

Linda, born in 1997, and Matthew, born in 2003, are very close and want to be adopted together. Linda is very responsible and looks after her little brother. She loves to play basketball and her favorite food is Chinese. She is an outspoken girl who gets along with everyone. Academically she is doing well and will benefit from a family that will help her reach her ultimate potential. Linda has aspirations of working with animals; her goal is to volunteer at an animal shelter or veterinarian clinic. Matthew is kind hearted and active. He is bonded to his sister and loves to go with her everywhere. He loves to play basketball, video games and build with Legos. He is doing well in school and makes friends easily.

Matthew and Linda need an adoptive family who will keep them together while supporting their individual needs.


Lizbeth, born in 2002, is very friendly with the demeanor of someone younger than her age. She is playful, sociable and loves attention! Lizbeth also enjoys playing computer games, watching movies, painting, and reading books.
Lizbeth loves listening to pop music and can identify the artist for any song that comes on the radio. There’s something about her that is endearing, and though she sometimes struggles to get along with her peers, she connects very well with adults.
Lizbeth wants to be adopted, and would do best in a family where she is the only child, so she can get the love and attention she needs. She also has a brother with whom she shares a close bond, and would want to remain in contact with.
Could that family be yours?