Ways You Can Help This Holiday Season


Give a Unique and Meaningful Gift

Donating to Kidsave gives older, forgotten orphans and foster kids a chance at finding a family. These kids are often hidden from view with little or no opportunity to meet people who might adopt or mentor them. Kidsave developed the family visit model and by giving to Kidsave you give a child summer or weekend visits with host families who get to know the child and advocate for them. Over 83% of the kids in our programs find permanent families or long-term mentors.


Stuck on what to give for Christmas or Hannukah? The perfect gift for the season of giving is to sponsor a child. For as little as $1 a day – $29 a month you will give the gift of family to children alone. A card is mailed to let your honoree know that you sponsored a child in their name.

Sponsor a Miracle

For Him

A gift for Dad, friends, business associates, or a favorite uncle. Give in tribute to Kidsave to give kids without fathers or families what you have. Someone you want to honor. A beautiful printed card will be sent explaining you gave in their name to honor your special relationship.

Donate in Tribute to Him

For Her

A perfect gift for your Mom, a good friend or that special lady in your life. A beautiful printed card will be sent to her explaining that you gave a child in need the chance to have a family to honor your special relationship with her.

Donate in Tribute to Her


Be a Kidsave Hero! Give Your Christmas…

Sign up for a fundraising page and email everyone to let them know you want them to donate to
help find kids alone families instead of getting you gifts. The feeling is amazing!
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Our Theory of Change

Kidsave YouthKidsave gives pre-teens and teens who are living in orphanages, temporary foster homes and group homes – loving parents and lifelong mentors through family visit and super-mentoring programs.

All of the children we serve have experienced the trauma of losing their parents. Many have been abused and neglected and have begged on the streets. Some have helped their siblings survive. Others have lost trust in adults and in life. But most all of them still hope for a life as it is supposed to be — with parents.

Kidsave FamilyWe give children the chance to meet volunteers with whom they can choose to become involved. Interested adults (singles welcome) and kids without parents connect through fun, interactive events.

Our volunteers are safe and stable. For some children they are the first people in their lives who are not being paid to take care of them. Through these relationships the kids begin to trust.

Kidsave MatchOur volunteers become host families who serve as advocates for the child. They introduce the kids to others.

The children are given the opportunity to safely meet people who take the time to get to know them and who care about their plight, tell others, and help social workers look for good long-term family matches for the children.
Sometimes our volunteers become the child’s adoptive family, guardian, long-term foster family or mentor. And sometimes they just make an important, life-changing connection for the child.

We call the process the Kidsave Family Visit Model

We train governments and partner nonprofits/advocacy groups in use of the model.
The program has been adapted and used worldwide.


Kidsave transforms children’s lives – How it Works