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#ADOPTAPOST I’m dedicating today’s post to help Ocean find a forever family. Ocean is a young boy with big dreams. And the determination to get there. A happy, engaging and personable young 12-year-old, Ocean enjoys going on various outings, playing video games, collecting hot wheels cars and completing puzzles.
He dreams of college, of owning a Ferrari AND Lamborghini (way to go Ocean!) but mostly dreams of finding a family to love and support him. And one that would support his relationships with his older siblings.

Help Ocean find his forever family by sharing this post. And if you’re thinking that maybe you’re the perfect family for Ocean, then find out more about this great kid at
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#AdoptAPost It’s National Adoption Awareness  Month so today I’m dedicating a post to super creative Amunique, 14, who is a foster kid looking for her forever family. A creative soul, Amunique expresses herself openly and passionately and loves dancing and drawing.⁠ Thoughtful and funny, Amunique brightens up any room with her gentle spirit.

Find out more about Amunique and the other amazing kids looking for forever families at #amunique #nationaladoptionmonth #foreverfamily @kidsave



#AdoptAPost As it’s National Adoption Awareness Month I’m dedicating this post to tell you about Devon, a 14-year-old in foster care who wants to be adopted.  Sweet and charming, Devon dreams of becoming an actor and hopes to take acting classes soon. Fascinated with all things Hollywood and Disney, Devon is looking for a little magic of his own with hopes to find his forever family.⁠ ⁠ An avid sports fan who loves watching soccer, basketball, and tennis, Devon is inquisitive by nature and loves to share his feelings and thoughts.⁠ ⁠

Share this post and spread the word on this amazing kid and help him find a family to call his own. Who knows, he might end up thanking you in his Oscars acceptance speech one day. ⁠ Find out more about Devon and other amazing kids looking for their forever family at

#kidsave #devon #nationaladoptionmonth #foreverfamily @kidsave



#AdoptAPost Did you know it’s National Adoption Awareness Month? Today I’m dedicating a post to help 16-year-old Emerald find the forever family she dreams of. Emerald is shy at first but once she gets to know you soon opens up to reveals the real gem she is. Whether lounging on the porch reading books or munching down on her favorite In-N-Out burger, Emerald would love a forever family to share it with. ⁠ ⁠

Emerald loves going to the gym, hiking, and taking dogs on long walks, with hopes of being a veterinarian.⁠ ⁠ If your family is looking for a treasure, learn more about Emerald and all the amazing kids who are part of Kidsave’s life changing programs at⁠

#kidsave #emerald #nationaladoptionmonth #foreverfamily @kidsave



#AdoptAPost Today I’m dedicating a post to help foster care kids, Rhiannon and Declan, find their forever family. These incredible kids love teaming up to take on challenges and love spending time with each other. ⁠ ⁠Declan, 16,  loves the feeling of teamwork that playing immersive video games with his sister and friends brings. A big believer in being in the moment, he loves taking long walks where he can observe different things. ⁠ ⁠

Declan’s supportive sister, Rhiannon, 17, dreams of going to college and one day becoming a vet. She has a huge passion for music and the outdoors where she can admire wildflowers – her favorite flower. ⁠

Declan and Rhiannon are looking for their forever family and you can help by sharing this post and learn more about these amazing kids at

#kidsave #rhiannon&declan #nationaladoptionmonth #foreverfamily @kidsave

 If you’d like to do more to help, you can make a donation towards our life changing programs here.