Something was missing…

We almost felt like our life was missing something like there was a hole,” says Jessica Abiecunas. She and her husband, Jesse, were happily married with a 3-year-old adopted daughter. They enjoyed their life together but felt an urge to expand their family. “I was an only child growing up, and I think that’s miserable,” says Jessica, “so we contacted our foster agency, and they connected us with Kidsave.”

Victoria and Daniela met the Abiecunas family through Kidsave’s Weekend Miracles program. “They felt like friends,” said Victoria and Daniela, “they can connect to us, and we can connect to them.” Their sweet bond reminded Jesse Abiecunas of his relationship with his siblings. “I have an older and younger brother,” says Jesse, “when we saw [Victoria and Daniele] goofing around, it just warmed our hearts, and we said ‘this is it.'”

They spent six months getting to know each other before Victoria and Daniela moved in. Everyone’s dreams came true when the adoption was finalized. Jesse and Jessica were moved to tears. “[Jessica] cried and said ‘it’s finalized,'” says Jesse, “and a tear came down my eye and we hugged each other.” Victoria and Daniela say, “we felt safe, like ‘this is my home, these are my true parents,’ and we did feel loved.”

“The biggest thing I want for my children is for them to have a life full of love and joy,” says Jessica. “I want them to travel the world and see things I never got to see and have everything that makes them happy.”