Terry Baugh,
President and Co-Founder

While managing her communications business specializing in behavior change, Terry went to Russia to adopt a child. There she saw children warehoused in her daughter’s orphanage and couldn’t get them out of her mind. She shared the plight of these children with her colleague Randi Thompson. Together they founded Kidsave. Passionate about children having parents, Terry oversees Kidsave advocacy, communications and development in Washington, DC. Terry is a serial adopter and proud mom.
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Randi Thompson,
CEO and Co-Founder

Randi Thompson visited her first orphanage in Kazakhstan. She saw teens being emancipated from the orphanage with no jobs and no hope. Randi managed Kidsave’s first Summer Miracles Program from her bedroom desk — giving 177 orphans summer vacations and 97% found families. Randi pioneered the Family Visit Model in Russia and Colombia. She currently oversees Kidsave’s finances and our Los Angeles and international operations. A big fan of her family, Randi is an adoptive mom of two and proud step mother of two daughters and a grand-daughter.

Lauren Reicher-Gordon,
VP and Director of Family Visit Programs

Ms. Reicher-Gordon directs Kidsave’s Family Visit Programs and is our Master Trainer. She is the energy behind Summer Miracles and she built Weekend Miracles Los Angeles into a successful program.
Lauren is a tenacious advocate for children. She has managed to successfully raise three children while finding families for thousands.

Tatiana Stafford,
VP and Director of Eastern Europe and CIS – Kidsave

Tatiana Stafford
Tatiana Stafford oversees Kidsave work in Eastern Europe and The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).   In Russia, she has successfully developed Kidsave’s Malenkaya Mama mentoring program for teen mothers, built a corporate mentoring program, Strong Shoulders, for Russian orphanage youth and overseen training for Russian government and NGO child welfare professionals to move older children from institutional care  to families.   She serves as the Russian Co-Chair for the Eurasia Foundation’s Social Enterprise Program which is dedicated to sharing child welfare best practices between the US and Russia. Fluent in Russian, Spanish and English, Tatiana has a unique ability to grow and develop programs. She has worked in the USA, Russia, Central Asia and Latin America.

Board of Trustees

    • Michael F. Byrne
    • Wrenn Chais
    • Aimee Cilic
    • Thomas A. Donohue
    • Elizabeth Dresing
    • Dave Gulezian
    • James J. Kilcourse
    • Joni Noel
    • Gerald A. Porter
    • Ella Marie Schiralli
    • Judson Starr
    • Tracy Steelman
    • Doug Thomson
    • Eric L. Vega
    • Craig A. Waldman
  • Board Associates:  Chana Ickowitz, Christina Rivetti

Honorary Directors

  • Hon. Karen Bass
  • R. Terry Baugh, President/Co-Founder
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Tara K. Giunta
  • James R. Greenbaum, Jr.
  • George Hicker
  • Hon. Mary L. Landrieu
  • Dean Marks
  • William D. Novelli
  • Peter A. Schwartz, Chair
  • Randi E. Thompson, CEO/Co-Founder
  • Robert W. Woodruff