We are heavy-hearted.

Many of us can’t imagine the despair the loved ones of George Floyd— and all black people who’ve lost their lives in the face of racial inequity and injustice— feel.

Many of us can’t begin to understand the fear and emptiness our black children must feel when seeing people who look like them dying on the screen.

At Kidsave, we stand with every black child we serve, and we fight against the odds so greatly stacked against them, Today we stand with them as they protest, post, and advocate for change. We stand with all black people in the fight for racial equality, justice, and reform.

In light of what all our children in foster care have experienced these last months and through their young lives, we can’t help but be humbled by the trauma and pain many are facing. But we will not give up. Our commitment to them is strong, as it is to all our kids who need the love, consistency, and safety of a permanent family.

At Kidsave, we are committed to supporting change for an equitable future for our kids. We are standing with those who are fighting for a better nation and a better world where every child can grow up with the love of a family and look forward to a bright future regardless of the color of their skin.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts. Remember to talk about this with your kids. Here’s a helpful resource.

Randi Thompson, CEO and President, and the entire Kidsave Team.